Doggy Daycare

Why Come to Doggy Daycare?

Doggy daycare provides so many great benefits to both you and your dog; it's more than just a place to drop off your dog when you can't be with them!

  • Building and maintaining socialization for young and nervous dogs with new humans and other pups helps make your dog more adaptable and confident
  • Help mediate and prevent separation anxiety 
  • A "guilt-free" day out on the lake, early dinner out, or just some time to relax dog free
  • Keep your pets out of trouble while you’re at work so they aren't nuisance barking, having potty accidents, shredding your belongings, or accidentally eating something they shouldn’t 
  • A more controlled play setting than a dog park offers increased safety as your young dog learns their manners or grows their confidence
  • Company is coming over and you are concerned your dog may be stressed or over-stimulated
  • You don’t have the time or space to get your dog enough exercise during the day to keep up with their energy levels or maintain physical fitness
  • Preparation for boarding—whether you have immediate plans to vacation or not, bringing your pet to Happy Dog Acres more than just once or twice a year can help make them more comfortable during an overnight or extended stay 

What is My Dog Going to Do?

We get this question a lot.  While they will be in their kennels resting between play periods and during afternoon nap time, they will also get plenty of potty breaks along with 2-3 activity sessions per day.  We know every pet has their own unique habits and way of playing so we focus on choosing for each dog activities that will make THEM happy!

Off-Leash Group Play

We typically create play groups based on size and energy level.  Whether your dog wants to sniff around in a pack or is more into wrestling and chase, we will make sure they are monitored in a safe, appropriate setting.

Leashed Walks

Many dogs who are not accustomed to playing with other dogs would prefer a nice long walk in our fields or woods instead.  Getting away from the kennel and play yard areas also does wonders for nervous or overexcited dogs.

One-on-One Play with Staff

For dogs that are too nervous, too excited, or just not interested in playing with other dogs, our staff are available for solo play.  Fetch and tug are the most requested by our guests.

Individual/Family Sniff Time

Sniffing is the main way that dogs experience the world.  It can lower their heart rate and blood pressure too, so we make a point to accommodate any dog that is just interested in a good sniff.

Cuddle Time

Sometimes you just need some snuggles and we are always happy to oblige our furry friends.  Whether it's lap time, butt scritches, or just the occasional rub down as they sniff around... we are here.

Play & Train

Play & Train (or Board & Train) is available for an additional cost.  Skills-based commands and obedience will be worked on with our certified trainer and staff to help your pup jump-start their learning.

Ultimately daycare can provide peace of mind that your pet is getting the care, socialization, and exercise they need. If you’re ever in doubt just try it out! We always strive to be honest with pet parents about how their pet is doing while they are here.

If your dog will be staying through one of their usual meal times feel free to bring their food with you.  You can also bring along toys for them to play with in their kennel along with a bed or other comfort item.

Keep in mind very few dogs are truly dog social so not all dogs will find a Best Furry Friend even if you (or your kids) are hoping they will.

Also important to remember... we let dogs be dogs. Dogs like to run, chase, be chased, grab each others’ necks, fall down, bark, dig, trip, pull on each others’ ears, and tumble around. To pet parents, this play could look worrisome, but this is standard dog play! Our staff monitor all dogs to ensure they are safe and having fun. If at any point your dog gets scared or overwhelmed, our staff will intervene.

Be prepared for your dog to get dirty as our yards are grassy and can be muddy near our kiddie pools or splash pads or when the weather is not ideal. Consider bringing a towel to put down on your pup's seat for the ride home.  (Also, we now offer bathing services! If you'd like to learn more, click here.)

Review our Policies and Requirements here.

 "I do the daycare service (and an occasional overnight). Kelly and James are amazing with my drop off and pick up times. I have an Australian Shepherd who is very high energy. When I get him back from daycare, his energy is levels are much takes a lot of stress off me so I am not coming home and rushing to get all of his energy out. They are very professional and do an amazing job. I would 10/10 recommend!

Archie's Mom


Puppies Under 6 mo.


Additional potty breaks & monitoring

Adult Dog


Anytime between 7am-7pm

Late Pick-Up Fee


Please give notice as soon as possible

Play and Train services are also available. To discuss if this might be right for your dog and to find out about pricing, or if you have any questions about daycare in general, call (989) 821-9137.