Training For Real Life

Here at Happy Dog Acres we do things a little bit different. Our positive-reinforcement, games-based training method focuses on getting your dog ready for real-life situations.

A VARIETY OF Training Options

We offer a variety of training options for all age groups and experience levels to fit your needs!


1 hour session - $100
4 session package - $375
6 session package - $575

Private Lessons can be done in-person or via Zoom. Private sessions are a great option for all beginners or anyone who has a pet that can be reactive around other dogs or humans.


Typically 8, 1-hour sessions
Avg $345/course

Group Classes are a more cost-effective option that is very effective if you'd also like to work on your dog's skills in an environment with other dogs and people around.  We believe that training with your pup is a journey, not a destination. No one is ever fully complete, right?! We are all always learning, and this is also so true for our dogs. We have many class paths to help you and your dog achieve your individual goals. Below shows one option, but we can create a personalized plan for you and your dog.

We have a series of regular courses designed to build upon one another that includes:

  • Puppy Power - for dogs under 5 months old that are just starting out in life.  Basic skills, relationship building, potty training, socialization and so much more.
  • Thriving Teens - dogs 5 months - 2 years, or anyone with that "teenage spirit"! Adolescent dogs often have their own set of challenges, and we have this class specifically designed to address them.
  • Intermediate Skills - available to students who have completed Puppy Power, Thriving Teen, or Private Lessons with an invitation.  Pups who have a good foundation of basic concepts and are ready to begin testing those skills, as well as learning new and more advanced skills. 
  • Skills for Life - available to students that have completed intermediate class. This group class focuses on real-life applications and situations. Off-leash freedom is developed in this class, as well as field trips to practice in different locations with our certified trainer.
  • Advanced/Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Prep - Looking to have an ace dog? If you would like to take your dog's skills to the advanced level, and/or prep for the AKC's Canine Good Citizen test - this class is perfect for you. (This is open to teams that have successfully completed Intermediate or Skills for Life) 
  • Sunday Skills Practice - This is an on-going open enrollment class designed for students to practice in our school environment with direction from our trainer. Open to any student that has completed any of the above classes, private lessons with invitation, and pups that have been in the current month's daycare-and-train program. 
  • Out-and-About - Open to students who have successfully completed intermediate, Skills for Life, Advanced, or by invitation.  Meet up in a real-world location for a practice session!  It could be leash walk focused, recall focused, or another skill.  These sessions are led by our trainer and designed to polish off the transition from classroom to real-life.  

We also offer a series of Agility courses.  "Agility is a growing all-breed dog sport in the United States, with over 1 million entries to the AKC's program each year. Whether you just want to have fun exercising with your dog, or want to go further and enter an Agility competition, get ready for a fast-paced, rewarding experience." - from

Agility is an amazing way to get out and have fun with your dog. It is open to dogs of all breeds as well as mixed breeds.  It challenges them mentally and physically, and develops an exceptional relationship between the pup and their handler (you!). Check out our agility offerings.

  • Agility 1 - Basic entry point to begin agility.  Focus is on safety and proper conditioning. There is also introduction to obstacles and jumping, as well as development of handler skills.  
  • Agility 2 - in this course, we continue to develop skills begun in Agility 1, introduce new obstacles, and prepare for an in-house agility trial.  
  • Intermediate Agility - Focus on the more advanced obstacles, as well as complex course arrangements.   
  • Agility Masters Club - On-going agility sessions to continue building skills for the dog and handler. 

These courses are a progression.  Each one should be successfully completed before going on to the next.  


4 Week Program

Your pup stays Monday-Friday at Happy Dog Acres and gets daily training time with our trainer focusing on the issues that we identify together. You will get:

  • Frequent text updates on your pup's progress
  • Weekly meetings at pickup to learn about your "homework" for the weekend
  • Support via phone anytime
  • Online access to training materials
  • 4 included private, follow-up training sessions

A great option if you and your pup need a "reset" from your current routine, if you are struggling to instill real-life skills for your pup, if you have a new puppy and want to get them off to the best start, or if you just don't have the time to achieve the results you are looking for.  Board & Train can also be a good option for working some problem areas.  Schedule a consult to see if this is the right option for you! 



Register your pup for a month of daycare + training. You choose 2 days per week - either Monday/Wednesday, or Tuesday/Friday where they will get 2 training sessions with our professional trainer each day plus all the benefits of regular daycare. Then join us for group class on Sunday to work through everything your pup is learning.

This option is great for skills-based training, to advance your pup's skills, or as a supplement to another training service.

A helpful option for busy pet parents!


Access Online Materials for Life

Go at your own pace at home with your pup using our online learning materials.  You will have the same access to support as any other students with more flexibility.

Best option for tech-savvy families on a budget. 

Added Benefits of training with happy dog acres

Having a dog can bring unlimited love and unbridled joy to your life...unless your dog has behavioral struggles, then it can be very stressful and overwhelming.  We strive to offer accessible training solutions to help your dog-owning experience be everything you dreamed.  


Even our group classes are all tailored for each individual group and every pup will get one-on-one attention.


Between classes or lessons we are available to answer questions as needed. We want to make sure you have all the information you need to be successful!


We know that classes can be overwhelming... there is a lot of information to absorb. Our online portal offers videos and notes to help you remember what we discussed in class.


All of our training and boarding options can be used in tandem with others so your pup can get a leg-up.


The best option for you will depend on a variety of factors including budget, schedule availability, your pup's socialization level, and your training goals.  If you'd like to discuss the options with our trainer just schedule a time for a free consultation by clicking here.

We use positive-reinforcement, games-based training to build engagement and help condition your pup for real-life situations.  If you'd like to learn more about our training methods click here.

Safe socialization and puppy training should start as soon as a puppy arrives in your home.  Puppies should have at minimum of 2 rounds of their distemper/parvo combo vaccines to begin attending in-person training.  Special precautions are taken for puppies that are under 4 months old and not fully vaccinated so that they can begin their training in a safe way.  Training classes without the puppy, remote lessons, or our Puppy Power Homeschool course may also be a good option if your puppy is unable to attend group sessions due to vaccination status.  

Our group training classes and most private training sessions currently take place either outside or in our training barn which has a gravel floor and is not heated or air conditioned—please dress appropriately for the weather.  

Some private training lessons can be conducted in our office area depending on availability and training topics being covered.  

Occasionally we have "Out and About" style classes which will rotate meeting places.  

Our training is done on location at Happy Dog Acres or in your home via Zoom.

Kids are welcome with their adults. Dog training is a family activity and we want to include all family members.  Please review our training policies to see all of the specifics about bringing your kids to class! Review training policies here.

For all group and private training classes be sure to bring the following:
 - A hungry dog!
 - Treats and some of your dog's food (bring lots!)
 - A leash
 - A mat or towel for your dog to lay on
 - Water and a bowl
 - Poo bags

If you are bringing your pup for daycare and train or board and train you will need to provide lots of treats, your dog's regular food, any blankets or toys you'd like them to have in their room.

Service dog training is offered on a case-by-case basis.  Please schedule a consult to determine if you are a fit for our program.

This is handled on a case-by-case basis.  Schedule a consult with Kelly so that she can take a full history and help to guide your training journey. 

Yes!  You can sign up for our free 30-minute phone consultation at this link to discuss your pup's strengths and struggles.  If you'd like, you can record videos of any puzzling or problem behavior prior to the consultation (just send them to and we can discuss those issues.  

Want to learn more?

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Before registering for a course please review our Training Policies.