Overnight Boarding

Boarding at Happy Dog Acres is a great option for local residents, vacationers staying in the Higgins Lake, Roscommon, Houghton Lake, or Grayling areas, or for anyone passing by on I-75 or US-127 on the way to their vacation destination—we are On the Way to Everywhere Up North!  We accept all breeds, there are no spaying or neutering requirements, and we do not turn away any pets just because they have been deemed "challenging."  If your dog has special needs or medical issues, we would love to speak with you about them before you book your reservations to be sure we can accommodate them at that time.

The Happy Dog Difference:

Staff Onsite 24-7

Having a Pro Dog Trainer on-site means your dog will be safer and more comfortable during their stay and someone will always be here to check on your pet in case of distress.

Individualized Care

We try our best to keep your pet as happy and healthy as they would be at home which means we work with individualized feeding schedules and your dog's play preferences.

Calm, Country Atmosphere

Your dog will enjoy real grass play yards and potty yards instead of concrete or astro-turf and your pet will get the opportunity to walk out in our woods and fields.

Convenient Location

Less than 4 miles and only two turns away from either I-75 or US-127 means quick drop-off on your way out of town or easy access On your Way to Everywhere Up North.  

Prepping for Their Stay

Vaccines & Fecal

Being fully vaccinated is especially important for your pup in dog-dense environments.  Here at Happy Dog Acres we require that all our guests are up-to-date with their rabies, distemper, and bordetella vaccines.  This protects your pup as well as everyone else.  We also require a clean fecal test within the past 3 months.  If your pup is missing any of these vaccinations we recommend getting them at least 2 weeks before their stay.

Consider Digestion

Boarding can be a source of anxiety for some dogs.  One of the most common effects of being away from home is a little bit of upset tummy. Often dogs will get some loose stool or diarrhea when they board.  The good new is—there are things that you can do at home before they come to help prevent this! - For a week or so before they are going to stay, you can add a spoonful of pure pumpkin, plain yogurt, or a probiotic to their diet.  Don't switch them to a new food for closer than a month before their stay.  Be mindful of the treats that you give them before they come, or that you send with them.  Stick with ones that you know are good for your dog's gut. Only send treats that they have had before and agree with them.


What to Bring: Prepackaged meals (pre-measured portions of your dog's regular diet packaged in Ziploc bags), Prescription medications in their original container, Collar with current ID tags and working phone number (if you have a GPS collar please bring it), your dog's leash

Optional: Bed or blankets, Your dog's favorite regular treats, Toys or chews you are comfortable leaving them with unmonitored (please do not bring anything you have not given them before)

What NOT to Bring: Food, treats or chews that your dog has not had before or that upsets their stomach;  Toys that you are not sure are safe for your dog to play with unmonitored

Metal bowls and elevated cots are provided.

View Boarding Policies

Please read through our Boarding Policies and Requirements.  If you are concerned about any of our policies please discuss with us before booking your dog's stay.


Before boarding your pup for the first time, it is great for them to come and stay for a couple of hours daycare a few times. That way they are used to our facility, us, and the routine here. If their first boarding is going to be longer than a night or two, they should also spend the night once before they come for their "official" first stay. It is best to book these daycare days and the overnight during a slow time so that your pup doesn't feel overwhelmed. You can always check with staff to see what days might work best for this.

Drop off and Pick up Times

Pick-up from 7-10 am, drop off can be either 7-10 am or 3-7 pm.  We reserve 10a-3p for supervised group play, training lessons, dog nap times, staff lunches, and other tasks.  We ask that you adhere to these times.
(You can request a late pick-up, a $19 charge for partial daycare will apply)

What to Expect

Upon Arrival

When you arrive at Happy Dog Acres, please remain in your car and call or text us. One of our staff will greet you at your car to meet your pup and collect all their info.

We will ask about your pup's feeding routine, and for any other important info about them.

Please notify us if your dog has a tendency to try to escape, has any food or environmental allergies, has a tendency to destroy bedding or toys, is food or toy possessive, or is reactive to humans or other dogs.

Please keep your dog on a leash at all times. This is for their safety. If you do not have a leash, let us know - we can get one.

A short, calm goodbye is best for your pup.

While You're Gone

In addition to early-morning and late-night potty breaks, all our guests are let out multiple times per day for bathroom breaks.  

We typically feed breakfast between 7-8am, lunch at noon, and dinner between 5-6pm.  If your dog is on a different feeding schedule, we accommodate that.

We believe that during the day all boarding guests are entitled to the same level of exercise and enrichment as our daycare guests without extra fees or charges.  To learn more about daytime activities visit our Daycare page.

Nervous or inexperienced pups receive extra attention as we strive to make boarding a positive experience for all dogs.

After a full day of play you’d be surprised how comfortable and calm even the most energetic dogs are overnight.  

Pick Up

When you come to pick up your dog, please remain in your vehicle and text or call to let us know you have arrived.

 We are a small facility, so our staff may need a minute to secure the dog they are with before bringing your dog out.  

Please check through your dog's belongings before leaving to ensure that nothing is forgotten!

We will tell you all about your dog's experience!

Once You're Home

Although all guests at Happy Dog Acres have access to fresh water at all times and are given plenty of opportunity to rest, your dog may seem thirsty or very tired.  Be sure to let your dog rehydrate slowly to avoid regurgitation.  Also make sure your dog has a chance to rest for a day or two.  

They may seem to have forgotten the “house rules” upon arrival back at home.  It may take them a day or two to settle down but your dog's manners are not "ruined."

If you see any behavior you are overly concerned about please contact us.


Puppies 4-6 mo.
contact us for puppies under 4 months


Dogs 40 lbs. and Over


Dogs Under 40 lbs.


Our pick-up window is 7-10 am. If you need to pick-up during our 3-7pm timeframe, please let us know.  A partial day-care charge of $19 will apply. 

If you are a multi-dog family, our rooms can accommodate up to 3 pups in each. The first pup is the price listed above, and each additional dog is $23/night

Board and Train services are also available. To discuss if this might be right for your dog and to find out about pricing call (989) 821-9137.

 "Our dog had a great first stay at Happy Dog Acres. Kelly was very accommodating and willing to work with our rescue dog. She sent us a video and picture to comfort us that he was doing fine. He had play time and walks throughout the day. Would definitely use again!

Rex's Mom