Your New Dog!
For puppies, dogs new to you, and dogs that need a new start!

Having a new dog can be a challenge!
Whether that dog is a brand new puppy who needs the right start, a dog that is new to you and you want to start on the right foot, or you would like to start over with the dog you have.

Would you love for your dog to ace the basic skills?

  • Recall
  • Leash Walking
  • Focus
  • Greeting people and dogs
  • Relaxing in the house

We can help you and your dog to get there as a team!  Building a solid foundation for these skills and more is what YOUR NEW DOG is all about.  Your relationship with your dog will grow and you will become a team that works together - that's the basis of this course.  Using games-based training, science,and the most current dog training methods, we can help you and your dog.
Imagine your dog picking you over interesting things in the environment!  If your new dog is a puppy, this is an amazing foundation that will build this skill right from the start.  If you have rescued a dog, your relationship is a blank slate and you can build the one that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

See the Course Options Below:

The Full Package

The full Package gives you lifetime access to all 8 weeks of online content, as well as 8 in-person group lessons.  Group lessons are a chance to practice your skills with feedback from our certified trainer, ask questions, and work in the group environment with your dog.  

VIP Access

The VIP access package includes all the basics including lifetime access to all online content, all 8 in-person group lessons, AND 2 private lessons (a $200 value) to get personal instruction for YOUR dog.  Whenever you need to check in, your trainer is only a text message or a call away.  

2 Great Options

  • Either of our packages for Your New Dog are an excellent value!
  • The Full Package offers everything you need to start your pup off right.  
  • The VIP Access package offers extra help at a great price.

The Full Package


All the online content, PLUS 8 in-person lessons!

  • Lifetime Access to online content
  • Weekly in-person classes with your dog
  • Family Friendly



Have a trainer in your pocket!

  • Personal Access to our Certified Trainer 
  • 8 in-person group classes 
  • 2 private lessons - a $200 value!