Thriving Teens
For dogs 5 months up to 2 years old

Your dog's adolescent period can be so frustrating!  
Do you find yourself saying - "oh my gosh, what happened to my perfect puppy?" -  or -  "He's never done THAT before!"?
These are really common questions to ask yourself when you have a teenage dog!

Are you and your dog struggling with:
 — Recall
 — Leash Walking
 — Focus
 — Greeting people and dogs

Just like with human teens, your pup is growing, their hormones are changing, and they are realizing that there is a whole wide world out there! It is very common for a dog to become more challenging during this time of their lives - it often makes us want to pull our hair out!

The good news is - you CAN train your teen pup not just to survive, but to THRIVE in their world!

Our THRIVING TEEN course is designed around 5 core concepts that continue to develop real-world skills for your pup as they become an adolescent dog. Your teen will build skills in

And we will develop some human super-skills for you as well! If you're struggling with a dog with no focus (on you anyway), lack of recall, poor social skills, difficulties on leash, or other frustrating "teenage" behavior, then our THRIVING TEENS course is the right place for you and your pup. You CAN come out on the other side with a lovely pet and companion.

Check out our three class options below!

Homeschool Course

You have access to all 8 weeks of homeschool study that you can work through at your own pace.  This option is perfect for people with a variable schedule, or for dogs that aren't ready for a group environment. 

The Full Package

The full Package gives you access to all 8 weeks of online content, as well as 8 in-person group lessons.  Group Lessons are on Tuesday and start September 19th at 6 pm. Group lessons are a chance to practice your skills with feedback from our certified trainer, ask questions, and be in the group environment with your dog.  

VIP Access

The VIP access package gives you a trainer in your pocket!  Whenever you need to check in, your trainer is only a text message or a call away.  
You will have lifetime access to all online content and join us for the 8 in-person group lessons And there is more!  This package also includes 2 private lessons to get personal instruction for YOUR dog.  This package is an amazing deal!!

Homeschool Course


Access to the complete online course

  • Go at Your own pace
  • Lifetime Access
  • Completely Online
  • Perfect for those that can't make regular group classes

The Full Package


All the homeschool content, PLUS 8 in-person lessons!

  • Lifetime Access to online content
  • Weekly in-person classes with your dog
  • Family Friendly



Have a trainer in your pocket!

  • Personal Access to our Certified Trainer 
  • Lifetime Access to Online Content
  • 8 in-person group classes
  • 2 private lessons - a $200 value!