Welcome to the Puppy Power Course - Creating a WOW puppy

Do you have a new puppy in your life?  Or maybe a pandemic puppy that is now a little older, but you haven't been able to take them to class?  Our Puppy Power course is amazing and just what your pup needs!  If you want to have a puppy that is ready for real-life adventures, this is the place for you. 

This puppy course is designed to build your relationship with your new puppy for a lifetime of companionship.  Eight weeks of lessons that allow you to work at your own pace - and your puppy's own pace!  Lessons work on household manners, how to inspire your pup to make good choices, preparation for the real world, and an introdtion to basic skills such as sit, come, and being on leash.  Each week includes an enrichment activity and also a field trip idea for you and your dog - and there is so much more!  Everything you need to give your puppy the right start!

The Puppy Power course includes all 8 weeks of go at your own pace on-line lessons.  In addition to all the amazing course content you also have access to 2 30-minute calls with our instructor! The this allows you to ask questions, get some help, and work through struggles with your puppy!  We are here for you as you take this wonderful journey with your new puppy.  

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Course Pricing

Puppy Power - Go at your own Pace

$150 USD

  • Access to the fully online, Puppy Power course.