Intermediate Skills - Starts Sunday November 12

Grow your dogs' skills! Starts Sunday November 12 at 3 pm

Course Summary

Is your pup doing nicely at paying attention to you...... until they see a critter?
Can they walk perfectly on leash in practice.... but then get a little excited once you start taking an actual walk?
Are they becoming master at getting onto their boundary.....but just hop off whenever they think you aren't looking?

Intermediate will be working on all this and more!  We will be developing an even greater engagement with you, as well as disengagement from the environment. More self-control while continuing to build your pup's ability to make great choices.

Take your dog's skills to the next level!  Join us for Intermediate.

 This class is for students who have already attended one of our group classes like Puppy Power or Thriving Teens and would like a more structured alternative to the Sunday Skills Practice course to help advance what has been introduced in earlier courses.

Kelly Kendall

Kelly is a life-long animal lover. She is a certified Pro Dog Trainer through Absolute Dogs, and absolutely loves her job! Helping dogs and pet parents to achieve their real-life goals is Kelly's passion!

Working with animals is a dream come true and Kelly loves her job every day.

Kelly and her family have 6 dogs of their own - 3 Irish Wolfhounds, and 3 All-American dogs. Each one has their own special characteristics, and she loves hanging out with them! You might see some of them around our farm or on our Facebook page posing, working, or training.

Course Pricing

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  • $345 USD

    8 In-person lessons

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  • VIP Package
  • $475 USD

    8 Group Lessons PLUS 2 Private lessons with Kelly

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