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Supporting dog owners with the resources and top-quality training to unlock amazing leash walks with confidence and ease.

Dearest Pet Parent,

You are about to embark upon an amazing journey with your dog!  

Here are some challenges you may have on your walks... 

  • Pulling
  • Lagging behind
  • sniffing
  • barking and lunging
  • interested in everything but you!
  • over excited on the walk
  • nervous on the walk
  • chasing - cars, bikes... anything
Sounds familiar?

An enjoyable walk with your dog can be so rewarding!
This was probably one of your dreams when your dog first came home.

It can be so frustrating when this dream seems like it will never be a reality.   Amazing Leash Walks will help you unlock the secrets to walking with your dog - and enjoying it!!

Learn thing like:

  • How to get your dog to focus on you
  • How to let your dog be a dog, and still walk nicely
  • How to set your dog up for success
  • The human skills you need 
  • Preventing your dog from pulling
  • Prevent your dog from lagging behind
  • How to ignore those pesky squirrels  - or your dog's challenge!
  • And so many more tips for enjoyable walks!

Did you know?

Dogs don't pull to be bad, they just don't yet have the skills necessary!

Amazing Leash Walks!

Kelly Kendall

Owner and Founder of Happy Dog Acres

Hi, my name is Kelly

And I've been working with dogs for almost 10 years.

I am a life-long animal lover.  I am a  certified Pro Dog Trainer through Absolute Dogs, and absolutely love my job!  Helping dogs and pet parents to achieve their real-life goals is my passion!  Working with animals is a dream come true and I love my job every day.  My family has 5 dogs of our own - 3 Irish Wolfhounds,  and 2 All-American dogs. Each one has their own special characteristics, and I loves hanging out with them! You might see some of them around our farm, or on our Facebook page posing, working, or training.

I can't wait to join you on your Amazing Leash Walks journey!

Through this program you'll accomplish the following ever-lasting milestones:

Change Your Walks

Learn how to transform your pulling, lunging pup into a model canine companion using modern, ethical and effective training methods.

Supercharge Relationship

Change the picture from frustration with your dog to one of calm enjoyment. This will definitely grow your relationship!

Build Connection

Build your dog's focus and have fun unlocking true potential. You'll have a pup you can be proud to take everywhere and anywhere!

What you get as a member of the Program

  • Immediate access to world-class training 
  • High quality, easy to follow video library that you can be watched anytime, anywhere – on mobile phones, tablets or your computer! 
  • An individual consult to get YOUR dog off to the right start
  • LIVE coaching and Q&A 
  • Lifetime access to our course materials 
  • Training log so you can track your progress

Program Pricing

With your one-time fee you will get unlimited and lifetime access to your course.

Amazing Leash Walks includes 1  30-minute private consult with Kelly to discuss your specific struggles.

Purchase additional Private Training sessions at $100 per session

Have more questions, you can contact us to set up a call or ask us by email.

Phone: 989.821.9137
Email: kelly@happydogacres.com

Amazing Leash Walks


One time Payment

  • Lifetime access
  • Go At Your Dog's Own Pace
  • Live Q & A session 
  • 1 Consult session with Kelly
  •  Video Tutorial Library
  • Trainer in-your-pocket