Agility 1 - Foundations

Basics of Agility is designed to create and strengthen agility foundations.  Some basic skills are required to join this class: 

Some prerequisite skills are necessary for this course:

  • the ability to be crated (in a crate or the car) 
  • basic recall - the ability to come when called 
  • understanding of positions: sit, down, stand

If your dog has had no training or needs topping up on these skills, check out one of our other courses to get them ready for our next Agility 1  - Foundations class! If you have any questions about your dog's skills, please feel free to contact us and we can chat about it!

  • Looking to build your bond by doing for something fun with your pup?
  • Have you been watching agility with your dog and wondering how to get started?
  • Do you have a smart pup who needs to learn something new?
  • Does your pup need to get a little more exercise?

Join us for our introductory Agility 1 course! We will cover:

  • Fitness foundations
  • Handler Skills
  • Jump basics
  • Introduction to tunnels
  • Obedience Top Up
  • And more!

This course starts May 13th at 6:30 pm. It is an 8 week course.

See the Course Options Below:

The Full Package

The full Package gives you lifetime access to any online content, as well as 8 of in-person group lessons.  Group lessons are a chance to learn and develop your skills with feedback from our certified trainer, ask questions, and work in the group environment with your dog.  

VIP Access

The VIP access package includes all the basics including lifetime access to any online content, all 8 in-person group lessons, AND 2 private lessons (a $200 value) to get personal instruction for YOUR dog.  Whenever you need to check in, your trainer is only a text message or a call away.  

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The full package


8 Weeks of In-Person Lessons


May 13th

6:30 pm



In-person + 2 private lessons