Training for Real-Life

This class is suitible for dogs of all ages.  Life Skills is a group class that puts all the focus on what you want from your dog - the dream you have for them - and how to get there.  Using fun, games-based training we work with you and your dog as a unique team, with unique goals! Training does not have to be boring  -  everything is more fun when it's a game!
Not only will your dog learn better manners in training class, but they will learn to have better manners in real-life.  You dog learns basic manners, but also so much more to develop a rich and rewarding life!
This course is 4-weeks of in-person classes per session. You can enroll for one session, or choose the monthly enrollment option to continue your dog's learning journey.  

Life Skills is offered on 2 nights of the week. 

This enrollment is for Sunday at 2 pm

Monthly enrollment offers a discount, and allows you to hold your chosen day and time to continue working with your dog and acheiving your goal!

Course Pricing

  • Monthly Enrollment
  • $90 USD

    per month Join Us!